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This November, the Track of the Month is the brilliant Brazilian circuit of Interlagos. Situated in Sao Paulo, this 2.7 mile circuit has been a challenge for both car and driver, since it’s inception in 1940. Through its many iterations, Interlagos has been able to maintain its high-speed corners, as well as the undulating track layout and bumpy road surface. As such, Interlagos has been a mainstay on the Formula 1 calendar since 1990.

Have a look below at two-time Brazilian Grand Prix winner Mark Webber, as he gives us a flying lap of Interlagos


Crowning of a Champion

This years’ race in Brazil will be the penultimate race of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship, and by the end of the season, 1 driver shall stand alone at the top; Lewis Hamilton. Already crowned as world champion with 2 races remaining, Hamilton has had to show all of his talent to thwart the efforts of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, the closest challenger over the course of the season. The racing has been intense, and in some situations too intense, with momentum swinging between the two drivers over the course of the season. A showing of form late in the season from the Red Bull team, and with the challenge from Ferrari unlikely to fade next year, we are already looking forward to a great 2018 season, where Lewis Hamilton will surely be the man to beat.


We hope you enjoy this fantastic circuit and the cars we have chosen!

Drive any of these cars in an Open Practice session and see your best lap-time and telemetry on the leader-board. Full session info emailed to your address. Printout available on request.

Class A Competition :Mercedes W07 – Cash Prize of £50 for the fastest lap

Class B Competition : Dallara GP2 – Free entry to First Monday for the fastest lap

Class C Competition : Japanaese F3 – Free entry to First Monday for the fastest three laps

Class D Competition : Formula Ford – Free entry to First Monday for the fastest five laps
Every month sees the start of a new fastest lap competition at The Race Centre three laps

* First Monday is a race championship season. Each heat is held on the first Monday of each month at 6pm. The track used is The Track of the Month from the previous month (e.g  the track used on the first Monday in December is The Track of the Month from November). Drivers score points for each race, the driver with the most points at the end of the season wins the title!


Classes and how it works

  • Drivers with no previous wins default to start as class D drivers
  • Coming in the top five in a class D competition will promote you to be a class C driver
  • Coming in the top three in a class C competition will promote you to be a class B driver
  • Winning a class B competition twice will promote you to be a class A driver

Which Competition Classes can you win?

  • If you are a class A driver then you are only eligible to win in the class A competition vehicle
  • If you are a class B driver then you are eligible to win in the Class A or B competition vehicles
  • If you are a class C driver then you are eligible to win in any of the competition vehicles (A, B or C)
  • If you are a class D driver then you are eligible to win in any of the competition vehicles (A, B, C or D)
  • Multiple Class wins within a month will result in prizes for the highest win only. Lower “wins” will be passed to the next highest competitors

Terms and Conditions

  • For a lap to be legal, your vehicle must have two or more wheels inside or touching the white lines at all times
  • Vehicles must be running all standard TRC settings for the month
  • Potential prize winning laps must be verified by a TRC staff member
  • Free entry to First Monday is for the next event and is non-transferable

– TRC Staff are not eligible to win cash prizes. Any cash wins will defer to the next highest position
– Cash prizes available at the following First Monday event or within a max of 30 days of competition end

Call the venue to book a slot on 01422 301129

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